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Multiple Teams and Locations

Split your inventory up however you want. Split your inventory up by team, location, company, whatever you want.

Inventory at a glance

Inventory At A Glance

See your current stock, your stock on order, your stock in use, and your damaged stock all at a glance. Use our powerful search to find inventory items instantly.

Inventory QR Code Management

Unique QR Code Per Item

Take your inventory management to the next level with a unique QR code per tag. This allows you to manage inventory using your phone. No app required!

Inventory QR Code Management

Integrated Order Management

Add orders and have those orders automatically move inventory from "On Order" to in stock. Never miss a shipment with invoice ID. Set the price of the item from the order and it will update in your inventory.

Inventory Snapshots

Take Snapshots of Your Inventory Whenever You Want

Take snapshots of your inventory to log your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly reconciles.

Team Management

Divide and Conquer

Invite as many people as you need to help manage your inventory. Share the burdern of managing your inventory by inviting your coworkers.

Quick edit inventory

Quick Edit

Quickly add or remove 1, 5, 10, 25, or 100 of any piece of inventory.

Track prices and order more

Track Price and Order More

See the value of your stock at a glance. Forcast upcoming expenses. Quick order link for ordering more supplies.

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